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PUNJAB, the Land of Five Rivers is called the heaven of the Country, the land of Historic Events and the home of Small Scale Industries. The people of this Indian State are dedicated, hard working and straight forward. Punjab has got a large population of NRIs.

Tejasvini Kerala Ayurvedam started its operations  in the year 2008 at Mohali, the most important District of Punjab. Mohali was conceived after the trifurcation of Punjab and its capital Chandigarh becoming a Union Territory in late 1966. Today, Mohali and Chandigarh are contiguous areas with only the boundary of Punjab and UT of Chandigarh dividing this area. The original plan of Mohali is in fact a mere extension of the road and design system of Chandigarh without any unique planning. The development earlier was only till Phase VII. The development of sectors and phases from Phase 8 onwards started in late 1980s, and the city got its own bus stand in Phase 8 in mid 1990s. In 2006, Mohali’s population was nearly 200,000, approximately 1/5 of Chandigarh’s. The region has been targeted by an increasing number of outsourcing IT companies, who look to capitalize on the rich investment opportunities the city offers.


Tejasvini Kerala Ayurvedam – Tejasvini is a full fledged Ayurvedic Centre specialized in health care through panchkarma therapies. The medicines and oils available with Tejasvini are of high quality and mainly supplied by the reputed Ayurveda medicine manufacturers of Kerala. Tejasvini have a team of qualified and experienced male & female doctors & therapists from Kerala.

Dr. Deepam Batta, Centre Head  is  B.A.M.S, M.D ( Alt Med), Post graduate diploma in panchkarma. He is well  versed with almost all branches of Ayurveda and is considered to be one of the  senior most  Ayurveda Professionals of North India.
Really a DREAM  COME TRUE. With the full support of management a team of Doctors and technicians under the able guidance of Dr Deepam Batta, Centre is doing a tremendous job for the progress of pure form of Ayurveda in this region.  We are happy with the response of the people towards Ayurveda.

नात्मार्थं नाऽपि कामार्थं अतभूत दयां प्रतिः ।
वतर्ते यश्चिकित्सायां स सर्वमति वर्तते ॥ (च० चि० १/४/५८)

जो अर्थ तथा कामना के लिए नहीं, वरन् भूतदया अर्थात् प्राणिमात्र पर दया की दृष्टि से चिकित्सा में प्रवृत्त होता है, वह सब पर विजय प्राप्त करता है।
अर्थात् जो वैद्य धन या किसी विशिष्ट कामना को ध्यान में न रखकर, केवल प्राणिमात्र (रोगी) के प्रति दया-भाव रख कर ही कार्य करता है, वही वैद्य सर्वश्रेष्ठ चिकित्सक होता है।

Earlier people of this region used to go to Kerala for sophisticated ayurvedic treatments. But when people found the same kind of service and quality at an affordable cost at our end, they are shifting to us instead of going to Kerala.

It is a persistent demand of our clients and well wishers to enlarge our sphere of services by opening more Centres at different important and viable locations of North. We are actively considering different options in this regard.

Awards :-

*Award of honour for his meritorious work Doctors Day ie 1st july 2018, by National Integrated medical Association.

*Appreciation Award on National ayurveda Day ie 5th Nov 2018 by Directorate of ayurveda , Punjab, Board of ayurvedic and unani system of Medicine,Punjab And Punjab state Faculty of ayurvedic and unani system of Medicne.
































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